The Ultimate Winter Skin Care Saviour


ARGAN OIL - “Oil in name but not in nature... leaves no residue on the skin”

Love it or loathe it, the New Zealand winter has well and truly settled in to our lives once more.  But even if you loathe these wintery months, your skin doesn't have to.

Winter living can really wreak havoc on our hair & skin, due to the damaging and drying effects of the cold temps, harsh winds, dry air and indoor heating. So now is not the time to get slack on your skin care regime, in fact it's time to step it up!!

So why should you consider incorporating Silk Oil of Morocco products into your winter skin care regime....simple....ARGAN OIL!   

“Cold Pressed Certified Argan Oil is packed full of hydrating and nourishing vitamins and nutrients. It is a naturally rich source of antioxidants and extremely high in Vitamins A, C and E, Omega 6 and Omega 9 essentially fatty acids”


The Ultimate Hydrator
This super unique oil is the ultimate hydrator when it comes to hair & skin.  The composition of Argan Oil is really quite remarkable as it has an extremely low molecular weight compared to other oils.  This means it can penetrate the hair and skin deeper and more efficiently and won't sit on top of the hair or skin like other oils do...quite simply it delivers maximum moisture, nutrients and hydration to your skin cells and where you need it most.

Protect & Heal
In its purest form or in a formulated serum, Argan Oil offers benefits for all skin types and makes for the perfect winter saviour, relieving our most common winter skin woes of cracked, flaky, irritated, or inflamed skin.  With its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, this versatile oil is commonly used to treat a variety of sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea.  It also works to fight off signs of aging such as wrinkles, helps to improve skin elasticity and is also used to also treat scars and stretch marks.  Oh, and it’s great for your hair and nails too! 

Acne woes?  
So what about those of us with Acne woes?  Not to worry, Argan Oil is non-comedogenic, meaning that it won’t clog your pores, so it can safely be used on oily and acne-prone skin.  It actually helps to reduce sebum production and balance out excess oil on the skin.

Winter Wellbeing - Skin Care Tips

  1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise...simple really. Don’t forget those lips and hands as these areas often bear the brunt of the winter weather. 
  1. Turn down the heat... I know it’s tempting on these cold winter mornings and nights to really turn up the temp in the bath or shower, however your skin actually hates the heat! Extreme heat actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture.  A shorter lukewarm bath or shower is best. 
  1. Yes – Sunscreen!! All the experts seem to agree that protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays is still a must over winter if you are going to be spending any time outside. 
  1. Switch to gentle cleanser...if you’re not using one already, best make the switch to a more gentle cleanser, one which is hydrating and won't strip your skin of its natural oils. 
  1. To exfoliate or not to exfoliate?...Exfoliate, YES! Just not too often and don’t overdo it. 
  1. Nourish & Hydrate from the inside... yes the old “you are what you eat”. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated and incorporate certain skin friendly foods in your diet...particularly those containing higher levels of antioxidants, vitamin C and essential fatty acids.  I love these top 5 superfoods for your skin as recently suggested by Beauty EQ...

Discover Argan Oil...

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Love your Locks

Likewise your locks need some extra lovin’ too during these wintery months, and Silk has your strands covered with Sulfate Free and moisture rich styling and treatment options, all of which are infused with cold pressed certified organic Argan Oil – check out these winter hair heroes at


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